Michaela and Lorcan’s wedding, Lusty Beg Island, County Fermanagh

Michaela and Lorcan’s wedding, Lusty Beg Island, County Fermanagh

Michaela and Lorcan’s wedding, Lusty Beg Island, County Fermanagh

As a wedding photographer, the job is to capture the emotions and joy of day and give couples lasting memories of their special day.

If the couple you are working with are a little camera shy or nervous about being in front of the camera it can make life a little tricky. Because as we all know, not everyone loves to be the focus of attention – even if it is their wedding day.

But with Michaela and Lorcan this definitely wasn’t a problem. Having met the couple before the wedding, we had built up an easy rapport and they felt comfortable and utterly relaxed throughout the day.

Michaela and Lorcan met in Magherafelt bar Dormans. Lorcan took the initiative and offered Michaela a drink and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years the couple spent a lot of time in Fermanagh, falling in love with the stunningly picturesque lakelands. It seemed only natural that they would choose the area for their wedding.

The traditional hotel wedding wasn’t an option for this non-traditional couple, especially as they wanted a venue where their families could enjoy some time together before and after the wedding.

Visiting Lusty Beg confirmed it. The island offered them the unique venue they were after and the location was a dream come true for them and me as a photographer.

The couple’s deep love was clear to all during the ceremony. What was even clearer was the joy they felt at finally marrying. One of Michaela’s favourite images is of the two of them laughing just after exchanging the rings.

That joy and relaxation in each other’s company continued throughout the day. And following the ceremony in St Joseph’s, Ederney, we made our way to Lusty Beg Island.

From the moment we stepped off the ferry, the magic didn’t stop and the island provided a stunning backdrop for images that reflected the love shared by the couple.

The image that stands out for me is of Lorcan and Michaela sharing a tender moment on a jetty on the island. They only have eyes for each other and I was able to capture them as a couple but also the beauty of this stunning location.

Michaela and Lorcan’s day and the images we created show what happens when a couple are at ease with their photographer and in front of the camera. A true reflection of love and romance.

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